Grandmaster Alexander Baburin plays Tom O’Gorman at the Gonzaga Classic 2017

Gonzaga Charity Chess Classic

The Annual Gonzaga Charity Chess Classic 2017 took place over the weekend of 27 to 29 January in Gonzaga College with a record number of 220 entrants.  Congratulations to Second Year Student Tom O’Gorman who was named U18 Best Performer.


Your move!

“Chess guru to take on 16 opponents,
wearing a blindfold.”
by Jerome Reilly 13/07/2014
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“Alex Baburin, The Sunday Independent chess columnist, will take on not 12 but 16 opponents simultaneously, a feat of extraordinary mental acuity. Like Zukertort, Alex will take the audacious challenge blindfolded to break a record that has stood for 135 years. To complete the challenge, Alex will have to memorise the constantly changing positions of 512 chess men on 16 boards with 924 squares. He will be playing against 16 accomplished chess players, who are themselves members of clubs around the country. The Dublin-based Russian native will have to win 12 of his 16 games to officially surpass Zukertort’s achievement. His opponents selected from across the spectrum of Irish chess players have an average rating of 1,500 — the strength of an average club player in Ireland. Law firm Arthur Cox is sponsoring the event. “It is a tough challenge, but I have been doing a lot of practising. The aim is to boost interest in chess,” Alex said.”


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