Our students

Our students

Here I would like to show some of our best students, whom I asked in December 2020 about their chess experiences, routines and aspirations.

Mia Wang started playing chess last year at school. In the summer of 2020 she joined our online classes, making very impressive progress. She likes chess because it’s a fun game that she can play against anyone. She normally plays a couple of online games daily on top of matches against her dad. Mia’s favourite chess player is Magnus Carlsen, and she wants to become a WGM when she grows up.
Cian Power learnt to play chess last year and really started enjoying it during lockdown. He likes online lessons and tournaments, as well as watching FunMasterMike on chesskid. Cian would like to become a chess master one day.

Pranav Karthikeyan joined the Blanchardstown chess club when he was 6 years old. He likes the great variety of positions, patterns and strategies, which chess offers. Since the lockdown in April 2020, he is actively participating in online chess, playing on chesskid and lichess. He also attends our weekly classes. His favourite players are Carlsen and Anand. Pranav wants to become a grandmaster.

Dušan Waters started playing chess in his school chess club when he was 7. He likes the endless combinations and possibilities offered by chess. Dušan plays online, solves puzzles and learns from master games. His favourite chess players are Fabiano Caruana and Tom O’Gorman. His aim is to be competitive against the best and maybe someday become a Grandmaster.

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