About Alex…

Grandmaster Alexander Baburin is currently plays on the Irish National Chess Team and is a member of Kilkenny Chess Club. He is ranked as number 1  in Ireland where he resides with his family.

As well as partaking in Chess Olympiads around the world, Alex regularly plays in chess competitions in Ireland with a close affinity to Kilkenny, Bunratty and Bray Chess Competitions.

He is the mastermind behind websites Chess Today, as well as Grandmaster Square and has amalgamated those websites into this one. He is the author of the acclaimed book Winning Pawn Structures…

Winning Pawn Structures

Pawns are the soul of chess and one of the aspects of the game that chess computers just don’t handle well.

This modern guide to pawn structures, written by an experienced grandmaster, analyzes a variety of typical formations, and explains the approaches, patterns, and techniques used by professionals in all phases of the game. The know-how gained from the sample matches presented will give any player a practical advantage on the board.

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