A Week in the Life
by GM Baburin
Ever wondered what it must be like to have nothing to do but lay around and play chess all day?
GM Baburin shares with us a week in the life of a GM.

Istanbul Diary
by GM Baburin
GM Baburin’s Istanbul Diary of the 2000 Olympiad. Games, analysis, commentary, photos.

The Joy of Chess Collecting
by Andy Ansel

A Window to Chess Composition
by Sergei Tkachenko (PDF)

Computers and Correspondence Chess
by Alex Dunne
Are computers killing correspondence chess? (PDF)

Brilliant Mates in Moscow
by Yochann Afek
The joy of chess problems and studies. (PDF)

NIC Interview with GM Baburin
The excellent chess magazine New In Chess recently caught up with GM Baburin, and has kindly consented to allow us to carry the result here.

An Open Letter to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov
by GM Boris Gulko


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