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I started the Grandmaster School of Chess in the mid 1990s. Since then it has introduced chess to thousands of children in the Greater Dublin area. At the beginning of 2020 we were running weekly after-school chess classes in 26 schools, teaching over 800 children in total. As well as that, we ran chess camps, seminars and tournaments (both individual and team). Year 2020 has brought new challengers, so for now we provide all our lessons online. Fortunately, chess is ideally suited for the online environment and from July of 2020 I ran several successful online camps and numerous weekly classes

We are using as our main playing arena, with 1-3 tournament organized there every week. Our students can avail of a special price for CK gold membership – 4-month for €15 or a full year for just €30. Gold membership allows unlimited access to videos, lessons and puzzles at the site, as well as access to our online clubs and tournaments.

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I would appreciate it if you tell other interested people about our online chess lessons – simply send them a link to this page.

Grandmaster Alex Baburin, FIDE Senior Trainer

Chess in the Irish Media:

A big article on chess appeared in the Irish Times; Alex Baburin gave an interview to the South East Radio; Hannah Lowry O’Reilly and Jonathan O’Connor were at the Claire Byrne show and a UCD student Robert Nielsen shot a short video on chess


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